Furniture custom made: Do carpenters lose their jobs?

Online furniture custom made
Carpenters are specialists in custom-made products of all kinds.
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Since time immemorial, a main argument for us “wood junkies” in sales has been custom-made because we are excellently trained for this. In the furniture store there are standard goods and at the carpenter the special. But then came the Internet with its new possibilities and is changing everything. Already over 60% of our customers can imagine configuring and buying their custom-made furniture online.

This market is increasingly being targeted by various companies because it promises good orders. Producing furniture to size in one is no longer a major problem and the Internet has already caused extreme market concentration in many areas.

Example: Do you know the largest online retailer?

Most people can answer this question without thinking. But do you know the second largest? No? You are not alone. We live in a world where the second is no longer perceived at all. Moreover, The No 1 alone generates more turnover than the other 9 of the Top 10 combined.

In the future, many customers will no longer have the idea of asking a custom-made cabinet for a carpenter. The advertising power of the future No. 1 in our industry will be very great if the same market concentration occurs as in online retail.

Furniture custom made: carpenters should not give up their market without a fight

There are several ways to get active here:

  1. On your own website, develop an online furniture configurator. However, this investment quickly becomes six-digit and is unaffordable for many colleagues.
  2. Participate in online platforms that have developed their own configurator (e.B. and pass on the orders to certified carpenters.
  3. Integrate a prefabricated furniture and cabinet planner on your own website. You can advertise this under your own name to your customers. You can also use for this purpose.

Of course, it is no secret that I would like to convince you of here, so that you can introduce your customers to an online furniture custom made. We offer you the opportunity to enter the Internet distribution of individually configured furniture cost-effectively. Just contact us or read the following articles:

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