MRegio online cabinet planner now available

The MRegio online cabinet planner is now available. This is how the cabinet planner works for manufacturers and carpenters

From now on you can order our online cabinet planner MRegio.

Here you can find out what advantages the cabinet planner offers you:

Manufacturers such as carpenters can store all relevant data such as address, company logo, price calculation, etc. in a specific account.

Further details on how to register can be found here:

Purchase a license to MRegio in our shop .


A license key will then be stored for you in your shop account.

Now you can create another account under to enter the license key there.

You can then enter your profile data in your MRegio account.

You can also find more details on how to register in this video.

Online Cabinet Planner Mregio Contact Details Online Cabinet Planner Mregio Branding Customer Note


In the dashboard you will find the links for your customers as well as for your personal Tischer version with activated CAD export and other special functions…

Online Cabinet Planner Mregio Dashboard


In the “Pricing” section, you will find all the parameters you need to store a price calculation for your cabinets.

Online Cabinet Planner Mregio Branding Customer Note

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