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Customers are increasingly looking for their business partners on the Internet. According to the current trend study of the magazine “Möbelmarkt”, 66% of the study participants state that they inform themselves online about furniture and also buy it online. It is therefore a competitive advantage to use an Internet cabinet planner on your own website.

Umfrageergebnisse Möbelmarkt online Möbel kaufen
Source: Website of the magazine “Möbelmarkt”:


The “on-site buyers” are still in the majority, but the trend is strongly towards online.


We offer your customers real online added value with our Internet Cabinet Planner

You have the possibility to link our cabinet planner on your own website. Your customers will find a cabinet configurator that is directly connected to your company. In this way, you strengthen customer loyalty and show that you use the latest technologies.

Ein Schrank geplant mit dem MRegio Internet Schrank Planer
Every carpenter can now offer his customers real online cabinet planning.

Already during planning, your customer sees the price, which is calculated on the basis of your stored data. The customer has the security to get high-quality furniture from his carpenter and carpenter.

Finally, if your customer buys with the Internet Schrank Planner, you will receive the 3D and CAM data and can send your customer an order confirmation. Just as the customer would buy directly from you. You can offer him your top service: Z.B. Re-measure on site or help with the selection of materials. Your customer will feel the difference to the anonymous online shop.

The best thing about it: A large part of the work preparation is already done!

You can define your own designs for all online cabinets in advance or configure each cabinet individually. With just a few mouse clicks, you have all the data and parts lists you need for production together. This saves you a lot of time in work preparation.

With you have the chance to use this technology cost-effectively on your own website.


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