Furniture created online – the way to production

Furniture drawn online is then imported into the CAD software in order to determine the necessary details for production.

Furniture created with the mRegio online cabinet planner does not contain any design details.
The focus here is clearly on the design of furniture.
Details such as joint dimensions or back wall groove do not play a major role here at first.


Figure. Above: ElementsCAD for Vectorworks

After a piece of furniture is created online, a production file is generated for the corresponding cabinet.
With this file, you can set all the details in ElementsCAD for Vectorworks.

Ideally, this is done with just one click.
A template is assigned to the imported cabinet.
This includes all the characteristics of the desired furniture.


In order to be able to produce furniture drawn online,
many definitions are needed, for example
– Edge definitions of the furniture such as edge material, edge thickness
– Drilling patterns, fittings such as extracts, connectors, pot belts…
– Socket, worktop definition
– Material for body and furniture front
– Joint dimensions, backjumps, backwall definition
– . . . and much more.

online cabinet-out-of-the-drawer-supply

After a template has been assigned, the built-in cabinet generated online contains all the necessary information to start production.


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