Cabinet planner

With MRegio, you can offer your customers an online cabinet planner. Let customers design individual cabinets directly on your website and thus increase your competitiveness.


Thanks to MRegio, you can rely on accurate planning results. During the planning phase, we carefully monitor your dimensional inputs and notify you immediately of potential errors, such as drawers that are too small. This automatic fault detection allows you to optimize your planning and improve the quality of your cabinets.


With the online cabinet planner MRegio, you can draw your furniture in no time at all without any prior knowledge.


Textures can be assigned individually for each component or globally for an entire set of furniture.


Thanks to an optimized user interface, you can achieve very good results at breathtaking speed.


We deliberately avoid technical terms such as "middle side" or "construction floor" and use terms such as "row" or "column" to divide the front surface.

Design is child's play

MRegio allows you to easily design cabinets with drag-and-drop and intuitive design. You can create and customize your furniture designs in no time at all without any prior knowledge.


With the MRegio Cabinet Planner, your customers can incorporate their individual cost expectations directly during the planning process, thanks to configurable cost parameters that can be set by the carpenter. This eliminates possible ambiguities and consultations.

Customer designs into production with one click

Cabinet planner
Customer Design

Your customer creates a design of their dream furniture in the MRegio cabinet planner on your website and sends you the design by e-mail.

CAD/DXF export

Import the customer project into the Tischler version and export the project as a DXF file with just one click.

Cabinet planner
Cabinet planner
Production planning

Import the DXF file into your CAD tool, perform precise production planning, and prepare all the necessary documentation for production.


The MRegio cabinet planning tool offers a variety of design options to bring your furniture designs to life. You can assign textures individually for each component or globally for an entire set of furniture. In addition, you have different render styles, various handle combinations and the ability to open fronts at your disposal to give your designs a personal touch and make them unique.