Online cabinet planner regional: Help with climate protection

Online cabinet planner: Reducing the CO2 footprint
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With an online cabinet planner, you can even order custom-made furniture on the Internet. However, there are disadvantages for climate protection. Shopping in the region reduces your CO2 footprint enormously. A quick example:

A 5-door cabinet weighs about 300kg with packaging. With an average transport route over 400km distance, about 10kg of CO2 are incurred here. If you buy the cabinet regionally from you on site in 20km distance, then that is only 1/2 kg. In other words, not buying in the region consumes on average about 20 times as much CO2 as with a regional purchase and that alone for transport.

What has not yet been taken into account here: The packaging material

This is where a lot of packaging material comes together. The furniture parts are wrapped in plastic wrap and often attached plastic parts to the corners for protection. This is then placed in a cardboard box and filled with filling material (e.B. Styrofoam) for additional protection. Then the package is protected with a lot of adhesive tape from opening unintentionally during transport. Of course, such a cabinet does not fit into a single package. If everything is unpacked at home you are faced with a huge mountain of garbage.

There is a reason for this packaging frensy: people in the transport of goods often do not handle the parcels very carefully. So that nothing is damaged, everything must therefore be packed extremely well.

How does the carpenter / carpenter pack on your site?

The carpenter packs his workpieces into reusable packaging, such as .B blankets. He made the closet for you and therefore also established a relationship with it. He has respect for his clients and for his own work. That’s why he can cope with much less packaging material, because he handles the furniture parts carefully. Another bonus point for regional purchasing.

Using a regional online cabinet planner therefore has two significant advantages: You reduce your CO2 footprint by eliminating long transport distances. In addition, you save a lot of waste because packaging material is saved. In addition, these packagings do not have to be produced at all, which again saves CO2.

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