Online cabinet planner from your local carpenter

Online cabinet planner from your local carpenterThe Internet is large and very anonymous. Especially when choosing the interior design, on-site advice would often be very helpful. With the MRegio Online Cabinet Planner, you can combine the best of two worlds: you plan on the Internet and at the same time have a competent contact person on site. If you have any questions, he will be at your side with advice and assistance.

Take advantage of the expertise of carpenters and carpenters

When advice on the Internet is reaching its limits, it is good to be able to rely on someone. Planning your own furniture is easy today, but some pitfalls have to be overcome. The following is a short list of the areas where many of our customers are grateful for help:

  • Measure: The measurements instructions and videos are quite informative, but in your apartment there is a special situation? Let the expert do the stake instead of risking a mistake. This gives you extra security.
  • Design: You want to design your own closet, but you don’t really like it? Then let the carpenter advise you, because he knows various design principles that lead to beautiful furniture.
  • Advice: Your local carpenter can answer questions such as “Does the cupboard fit my furniture?” or “Which décor should I choose?”
  • Assembly: You can set up your own cupboard or you prefer to trust the expert assembly of your carpenter on site.

Online cabinet planner on the Internet – your local carpenter supports you

Our principle is quite simple: you plan your dream cupboard on the Internet and your local carpenter produces it near you. If you have any questions, he will be happy to assist you with your advice and assistance. At the same time, you strengthen your region and contribute to a sustainable economy.

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