Configure bookshelf and bookcase online

Plan your bookshelf online and have it produced and assembled by the local carpenter/ carpenter.
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Reading is a wonderful thing. You can see the world through the eyes of another person and thus constantly expand your own horizons. With a beautiful bookshelf, an attractive book corner is created in the apartment, the contents of which are constantly increasing. Is it possible to plan and order a bookcase online?

yes! This is possible with and the online cabinet configurator.

A bookshelf is a special place for special treasures and especially here you want to make the most of the available space. The possibilities for planning and design are manifold and almost unlimited. You should definitely make sure that you do not plan the shelves too wide to avoid sagging the floors. If you want wide shelves for design reasons, you can still use the online cabinet planner. Then, for safety’s sake, get in touch with your carpenter. He will be happy to advise you on how to prevent the floors from bending.

With your bookshelf, give your treasures a worthy stage for a strong performance.

What fascinates me about a bookshelf is that the look is shaped by the content. Unlike a built-in wardrobe, a bookshelf is like a chameleon. It can look wild and disorganized or the books are neatly sorted by size or color. No bookcase is like another and the content reveals insights into the owner’s world of thought.

You can plan it from wall to wall with crossfades or omit the back wall to give the view of the wall design behind the books. Your new bookshelf will definitely be unique and will encourage you to read every day. Test it right away on

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