Built-in wardrobe made to measure – make optimal use of space

A built-in cabinet is used where a wall niche or sloping roof requires an individual solution. You can use MRegio.de the last centimeter in your apartment. By using passport trims, you can also avoid unsightly crevices in which dust and dirt can accumulate over the years. Your custom-made built-in wardrobe is the core competence of carpenters and carpenters!

Very often, built-in wardrobes are planned as a floorboard. Here the space is usually very limited and it is important to take advantage of the precious space. But also as a bedroom cabinet or wardrobe wall, the built-in wardrobe can provide good services.

This is what you need to pay attention to with your built-in wardrobe

Plan enough wide pass faes. If the walls in your apartment are not perpendicular, you can compensate for this with the pass panel. In any case, the built-in wardrobe must be aligned perpendicularly, so that the doors have a nice joint pattern and close cleanly.
Even undulating walls can be nicely adapted to the cabinet with a pass panel. Towards the ceiling you can also plan a ceiling panel, then the cabinet is completely installed.

Supply shafts or fireplaces can be easily “disappeared” with different deep cupboards. This results in a nice built-in wardrobe with a uniform front and the space is optimally utilized.

Caution on exterior walls

Built-in wardrobe made to measure – make optimal use of spaceIf your built-in cabinet is on an outer wall, you must plan a distance from the wall and a rear ventilation. Otherwise, there is a risk that the wall will start to mould. In this case, it is best to get advice from your carpenter or carpenter.


Plan your built-in wardrobe to measure with MRegio.de

You can easily plan your closet online. Choose the right décor for your décor so that you can quickly see how the cabinet looks. Your new built-in wardrobe is manufactured by the carpenter/carpenter in your region. This gives you a custom-made product that is characterized by high quality and value stability.

Online cabinet planner from your local carpenter

Realizing your own ideas with the Online Cabinet Configurator

MRegio – Plan a built-in wardrobe online and order regionally from the carpenter

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