Win customers on the Internet – carpenters/carpenters take off

It is becoming increasingly important for carpenters and carpenters to win customers directly on the Internet. For this we offer you a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform. Say goodbye to the many isolated solutions and start mastering your order acquisition and processing processes with one solution.

Essentially, we offer you 3 building blocks that will support you professionally in your work.

1. Custom-made: Online cabinet planner

Here, our philosophy “from the Internet directly to the machine” is consistently implemented. There are various ways to address your customers.

The master carpenter can drive his tablet to the consultation appointment and be supported on site by the MRegio Cabinet Planner. A photo of the installation location made and insert the cabinet in it. Fast visualization and customer enthusiasm are simply part of the craft today. The calculation runs automatically in the background, so you can make your customer an offer immediately on site.

You can upgrade your website with the Internet Cabinet Planner and invite your customers to plan their own cabinet. This allows you to prove to your customers that you are technologically up to date.

2. Online shop for your products

You can post items on the online shop and sell them directly there. A platform for everything the carpenter and carpenter can offer. From the snack board to the glasses frame, from the bread box to the bicycle made of wood. Our material is very versatile and it is time for our customers to get a point of contact for everything made of wood.

Customers can also use the online cabinet planner in the online shop. If he wants to buy it, he automatically gets the carpenter / carpenter closest to his place of residence. So he can shop regionally on the Internet.

The customer decides whether he wants to shop in his region or nationally. For this purpose, when browsing through our offer, he simply sets the desired search radius.

3. Industry software to manage your success

ElementsWEB - Kunden im Internet gewinnen
ElementsWEB – The gateway to many new opportunities in online business

To manage all this professionally, there is ElementsWEB. Here you will find the central organization of all possibilities. If a customer orders a cabinet on the Internet or an article in the online shop, an order is automatically created for it. This already contains the data for the cutting and the machining center. Av time is minimized.

Of course, you can also use ElementsWEB for your “offline customers” and use it like a normal industry software. Write or import wooden lists from the CAD, time recording, invoicing, etc. Anything is possible.


Get started with these new possibilities in the online business. Thanks to intelligent software, you can now attract customers on the Internet. You are welcome to contact us:


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