MRegio Online Cabinet Planner RC 10.6

Release notes (excerpt):

  • Improvements snapping / pointer catching on multiple cabinets
  • Improvements in positioning handles when moving a body or cabinet
  • Improvements in subsequent moving of shelves after they have been moved
  • Implementation, improvement language setting german / English
  • Improvement when activating an active cabinet
  • Pop-up text at doors
  • Improvement in dimensions of cabinets
  • Improvement in selecting / desecnosing cabinets
  • Improvements in presentation rendering mode with open doors
  • Backwalls Improvements (Adding Rows and Columns)
  • Adjusting the text size for dimensions
  • Incorrect error message eliminated during sizing
  • Fixed incorrect texture direction (angle) for inserted lines / intermediate floors
  • Consideration of commas in dimensions
  • Fixed incorrect texture direction (angle) for shelves
  • Superfluous dimensions are no longer displayed
  • Rule introduced for minimum spacing
  • Shelves are preserved after a door has been assigned to a segment
  • Improvement, implementation of textures
  • Optimization of the display of colors

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