MRegio – Philosophy

Our company
Currently, about 15 employees in the MRegio project work for you in the areas of development, management and marketing.

Hannes Ellmeier – Managing Director MRegio
Master carpenter, business economist | Business Informatics (HWK)
“I have been working in the field of CAD and industry software for interior design since 1997.
With the MRegio project, we want to bring the end customer and the craft sector closer together again.
With MRegio, joinery companies have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology.
From now on, end customers can design furniture online with our cabinet planner in order to have it produced regionally in the best craftsmanship quality.
Carpenters use our software to realize 3D planning on the go or at the customer’s site.
With ElementsWeb, you can capture projects, working hours, or calculations live from anywhere in the world.”

Josef Fenninger – Managing Director MRegio
Master carpenter, business economist | Product
“Digitalisation brings change and offers many opportunities. As a single company, however, one rarely has the chance to carry out the time-consuming and expensive development of customer-friendly solutions. With MRegio, we combine all the technologies that we have developed over the last 20 years into a big picture. The end customer plans his furniture in a playful way “on the Internet”. If he is satisfied with this and orders, all the required data is sent directly to the partners carpentry and joiners on the machines and manufactured cost-effectively. In this way, the smaller company can also participate in the major developments of the Internet market.
Neither the end customer nor the manufacturing company gets anything from the complex processes in the background.
I am very proud that mRegio will help us to strengthen the craft sector.”