Are you a craftsman, carpenter, shop, trade fair, interior fitter or planner?

The MRegio furniture planner supports you on site or at the customer’s site in the design phase as well as in personal customer advice.

You can quickly and easily plan a wall unit and many other furniture for your customers on site.
Our Internet furniture planner is quick and easy to use.
In the shortest possible time, you will create meaningful planning proposals for the new home furnishings.

Interior designers and interior designers plan and design individual facilities for and with your customers.
Unlike many other Internet cabinet planning tools, we offer you a tool to clearly display multiple furniture, cabinets and shelves in your web browser.
With real room situations, you get a realistic impression of what your room will look like later with the handcrafted furniture from the Internet.

Support in work preparation and production
At this point, our Internet furniture planner supports the work preparation process.
Let the craftsman draw the desired furniture with our online cabinet planner.
A file is created from these furniture in the background, which contains all the information for the production.

Our online furniture planner focuses on the design of your furniture.
Technical details such as backwall groove, fittings, edges or corner connections are later assigned to the body easily via specifications.
The created plans can be imported into your CAD program via interfaces.

Customers of our ElementsCAD software can even import furniture 1:1, while the complete parametrics are retained.