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Buying furniture online – the simple and direct way from the cabinet to the customer

Is there an easier way than to receive orders and orders directly from the customer by e-mail? MRegio mediates between end customers and carpenters and prevents migration to industry. MRegio…

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Configure bookshelf and bookcase online

Plan your bookshelf online and have it produced and assembled by the local carpenter/ carpenter.
Image by JayMantri on Pixabay

Reading is a wonderful thing. You can see the world through the eyes of another person and thus constantly expand your own horizons. With a beautiful bookshelf, an attractive book corner is created in the apartment, the contents of which are constantly increasing. Is it possible to plan and order a bookcase online?

yes! This is possible with MRegio.de and the online cabinet configurator.


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Built-in wardrobe made to measure – make optimal use of space

A built-in cabinet is used where a wall niche or sloping roof requires an individual solution. You can use MRegio.de the last centimeter in your apartment. By using passport trims, you can also avoid unsightly crevices in which dust and dirt can accumulate over the years. Your custom-made built-in wardrobe is the core competence of carpenters and carpenters!

Very often, built-in wardrobes are planned as a floorboard. Here the space is usually very limited and it is important to take advantage of the precious space. But also as a bedroom cabinet or wardrobe wall, the built-in wardrobe can provide good services.

This is what you need to pay attention to with your built-in wardrobe


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Online cabinet planner from your local carpenter

The Internet is large and very anonymous. Especially when choosing the interior design, on-site advice would often be very helpful. With the MRegio Online Cabinet Planner, you can combine the best of two worlds: you plan on the Internet and at the same time have a competent contact person on site. If you have any questions, he will be at your side with advice and assistance.

Take advantage of the expertise of carpenters and carpenters

When advice on the Internet is reaching its limits, it is good to be able to rely on someone. Planning your own furniture is easy today, but some pitfalls have to be overcome. The following is a short list of the areas where many of our customers are grateful for help: (more…)

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