Use of the Forum

1. General
MRegio is the operator of this forum.
The forum provides a platform for all interested parties and should be an opportunity for mutual assistance.
We ask you to comply with the following rules.
In the course of using this platform, you will be able to see the following rules.

If you would like to submit feedback about Vectorworks (e.B suggestions or error messages) directly to MRegio or if you would like to send a question to our support team, you can make a request at

2. User profiles
Each member of the forum has their own profile.
All relevant information must be filled in truthfully. Also, do not use links that violate the Forum Rules. For the forum, select a user name consisting of letters and numbers.
User names cannot contain e-mail addresses, company names, URLs, and the like.
The signatures used must not be offensive or illegal.

The use of content and images whose content is vulgar, illegal, political or provocative is expressly prohibited.

3. Netiquette, Behavior in the Forum
This forum is used to exchange ideas, ask questions and discuss with other users.
We are happy if you help beginners and newcomers to find your way around the forum. Respect other opinions, even if they don’t match your views. In the forum, the usual netiquette for newsgroups must be maintained.

The following topics are not welcome in the forum and will not be tolerated:

  • Contributions that violate any license terms
  • the insertion of third-party texts, for example from websites, is prohibited for copyright reasons.
  • the inquiring, promoting and linking of copyrighted content for illegal purposes (e..B. illegal software, cracks, serial numbers, download sources or instructions on the use of illegal software)
  • Insults, unfriendly behaviour of any kind.
  • Contributions to “sham problems” to encourage pointless or policy discussions and those aimed at demotivating and/or not benefiting panelists
  • Vulgar expressions or posts with illegal, violent, discriminatory, pornographic or non-adult content are explicitly prohibited, as well as insulting persons, companies, products, etc.
  • (camouflaged) Advertising is prohibited by posts in the forum as well as in the user’s own profile and footer. Excluded from this rule are, however, partner companies of MRegio, as well as advertising which was deemed admissible after consultation or with the express permission of MRegio.
  • Sales offers and purchase requests for products outside MRegio.

Posts with one of the mentioned content will be deleted.
The member concerned will be warned and removed from the forum in case of repeated infringement or in the event of serious cases without justification.
Criminal charges will be filed in particularly serious cases.
The abuse also includes logging in with multiple accounts in order to artificially inflame discussions. If you find a violation of these forum rules with another member, please contact the moderators.

4. Violation of the Forum Rules
We reserve the right to edit or delete posts that violate our rules without giving any reason.
Failure to comply with our forum rules may result in admonitions or the exclusion of a user from the forum.
Neither the measure itself nor the explanatory statement are ever the subject of a public debate. Corresponding posts will be deleted.

If an affected user does not agree with the decision of a moderator regarding the deletion of a post or forum exclusion, he can contact MRegio directly. Use the contact form at

5. Notes on creating posts
Use the forum’s search function to determine if a problem has been discussed or resolved before. This is often the quickest and most sensible approach to a solution.

To create a new topic or post, please first make sure that it does not yet exist.
Please formulate your questions as accurately as possible.
Use meaningful headings (e.B.r.m. “Problem with importing addresses”).
For the sake of clarity, no complete contribution of a user should be quoted, but only its relevant part.

Other forum participants are grateful for proper spelling.

6. Final remarks
We reserve the right to make changes and extensions to these rules, such adjustments are possible at any time.
We reserve the right not to register every registration. There is no legal right to a registration.
Individual cases which are not covered by the rules before us here, the moderators shall deal with and decide on the basis of the present facts.

Thank you very much for your support.
The MRegio team